Monday, September 25, 2023

New mom Neha Dhupia shares ‘TLC’ tips for a mother post delivery

Motherhood is not easy, and while there is a lot of attention on the newborn, there is a need to take care of the mother, too, post her delivery. That is because the body goes...

Malaysian salon paints Squid Game manicures of tiny coffins, green tracksuits

A manicure salon in Malaysia is selling painted and press-on nail designs based on the television show Squid Game, the latest small business to cash in on the soaring popularity of the South Korean series. The...

Meet the artist whose ‘micro’ artworks sold for more than £90,000

avid A Lindon, a Bournemouth sculptor, has a peculiar and painstaking way of presenting art — he does it under a microscope. The micro artist’s six ‘tiny’ versions of famous works of art have sold for...

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