How can you measure quick connect fittings for your pressure washer?


Getting to know how to measure quick connect fittings for a pressure washer makes it easy to use them. These fittings have so many names, sizes and have different materials of construction. But how do you know if you have chosen the right coupler or adapter? Let’s take a look at simple answers to all these questions.

Why are quick connect fittings needed for pressure washers?

In order to connect different parts of a pressure washer, you may need quick connect fittings. These fittings connect trigger gun with a high-pressure hose or a pressure hose with a pump. This helps the washer work properly by letting the pump generate enough pressure. Sometimes, your pressure washer may have to go out of the box to work. So, it’s better to have fittings, adapters, and couplers at that point to avoid any issue.

You may need quick connect fittings when:

  • You are planning to add attachments.
  • You are thinking of using a separate high-pressure hose.
  • You are turning the fittings into quick connections.
  • You are trying to avoid hose kinks.

Quick connect fittings are quite cheap and you can install them for under $15. These are also important to make your washer work better. So, whatever the pressure washer you use, don’t forget to add quick connect fittings to it.

What is Quick connect fitting?

Quick connect fittings are useful in turning screw functions to quick release. This helps the user to remove and connect the hose very easily and in a fast-forward way. The socket is a kind of quick-connect fittings that helps in the prevention of leaks. While plugs help in causing the threads to stay safe. In this way, a quick-connect fitting works.

How does a swivel fitting work?

Swivels don’t let the hose kink when in use and can unkink also with much ease. Once you allow the hose to spin, you can unlink it immediately. This is one of those fittings which are difficult to wash even with the application of pressure.

Measurements of Quick Connect Fittings

All you need is a measuring tape to measure the fitting. A caliper will also get the job done because you’ll observe the differences of a few millimeters. The best calipers include the Electronic digital caliper, Kynup digital caliper, and Shonin absolute scale digital caliper. You can measure the fitting merely by measuring its internal and external diameter. If we compare the two, a gas-powered pressure washer has less diameter as compared to an electric pressure washer.

Once you get to know the size of quick connect fitting, it will be easy to decide which part of the washer must have a connection with the other part, whether you want to connect a hose to another hose or a pump to a hose. That’s what your primary requirement is. So, it’s up to your ability to measure the quick connection fitting and then decide how to proceed further.


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