Facial oil-blotting paper Vs. face powder; which is better?


A facial oil-blotting paper allows you to instantly and easily get rid of oil from your face even before it starts shinning without rubbing off your makeup. With blotting paper, you also do not have to add more product to your face throughout the day. You can click here to download content on some of the best blotting papers on the market. Conventionally, if you wanted to mattify your makeup after a long and hot day, the go-to product was powder. However, the facial oil-blotting paper has taken over this task. This post compares powder and blotting paper.

Using facial oil-blotting paper

Facial blotting paper is made from an absorbent or porous material. The material sucks or absorbs oil from the face when the paper is placed over the face. It absorbs the oil and leaves the face oil-free, and looks fresh. The paper also absorbs moisture from the skin on a hot and humid day.

Advantages of using facial blotting paper

  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • You can easily carry it around
  • It is cheap
  • It absorbs moisture and oil from the face leaving your makeup looking flawless
  • It features a mattifying benefit
  • Modern brands offer added benefits as they are infused with beneficial active agents
  • There are numerous options

Downsides of blotting paper

  • Depending on the materials used to make the sheets, blotting paper can adversely affect your skin. For instance, the active ingredients can cause skin irritation.


Powder is a relatively good alternative to facial oil-blotting paper. However, the powder does not work the same way as blotting paper. It does not absorb oil. It only covers it up and works as a makeup setter.

Advantages of powdering

  • It is easy to use
  • The powder can work as a makeup setter
  • The powder can help your makeup last longer

Downsides of powdering oily or sweaty skin

Some of the downsides of powdering oily skin are;

  • Powdering oily or sweaty skin lumps up the product on the face. It turns the powder into a layer of mucky (cakey) mess. Therefore, instead of giving you that beautiful mate finish, powdering will make your makeup look worse.
  • Another downside of powdering is that you have to carry around compact powder throughout the day. The compact powder may break and cause a mess in your purse. Also, you cannot carry compact powder in your pocket as easily as a packet of blotting sheets.

Which is better?

Looking at the details of how the two products work, their benefits, and downsides, using blotting sheets is without a doubt better. Blotting papers are better because they absorb the oil instead of covering it up. They also provide better-looking results than powdering.


Did you know that you can use blotting paper and powder simultaneously? According to professional makeup artists, when working with oily skin or during photoshoots where heavy and hot lights cause models to sweat and develop shiny patches on their skin, using both products helps. Such professionals will blot the oil or sweat from the face then apply some powder.


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