What Japan eSims Are Available to Travelers and Transient Residents?


There may be no need for cumbersome bodily SIM playing cards anymore because you may download and install a virtual SIM at once onto your cellphone. Most smartphones launched after 2019 provide the choice to use an eSIM, with Apple’s US iPhone 14 assisting entirely with eSIM.

While you need to exchange providers, when traveling overseas, eSIMs are sensible given that you can quickly connect with a new provider without getting rid of your present-day physical SIM card. Further esim japan marketplace has exploded, with an extensive range of services from both domestic and global gamers. Stressful approximately SIM trays or dropping microscopic SIMs among the couch cushions is ultimately an element of the beyond.

Can I Add Multiple eSIMs To My Device?

There may be no bodily limit (like a SIM tray) on how many plans you can put on your tool due to the fact an eSIM operates absolutely digitally. The right quantity of eSIMs you can store and preserve lively, even though, will rely on the maker of your tool and its storage area. eSIMs can be active right away and as many as 5 eSIMs can be established on an iOS device.

Please be aware that this will change according to your vicinity and wi-fi company (for instance, iPhones in mainland China are not eSIM-compatible). The amount of eSIMs you could install and feature energetic at once differs depending on whether or not you have a Samsung, Google, Huawei, or any other Android telephone. Most allow 5 to seven eSIMs, with only one lively at a time.

Japan eSims Available to Travelers

Here’s a brief precis of a number of your Japan eSIM journey possibilities. That is simply a creation of a number of the predominant marketplace gamers; it is not a full list.

ESims Mobal

A sequence of eSIMs for Japan these days was introduced via the well-known neighborhood company Mobal. There are presently seven specific facts-handiest eSIM plans available, ranging in charge from a modest 1GB, eight-day eSIM for $1,920 to a substantial 50GB, 31-day eSIM for $4,900.

You may not be roaming because Mobal makes use of Docomo, an extensive Japanese network. It has a national 4G LTE provider. After looking ahead to 5 minutes, we got an e-mail with a hyperlink to their service website for activation. This took us to a page in which we had to wait every other 10 mins for our eSIM QR code to be ready.

Cell Sakura

Sakura Mobile, a properly-appreciated issuer of both brief- and lengthy-term stays in Japan, has also launched a line of eSIMs for vacationers. Expenses scale primarily based on how many statistics you propose to use and the way long you’ll be staying (up to a maximum of ninety days).

Even as Sakura Cellular is on the extra luxurious quit of this list, Docomo serves as their number one provider, so you can anticipate reliable service at some point in Japan. A hyperlink to a QR code is at once emailed to us for the duration of activation, making the technique simple. It is a top-notch decision to save you last-minute stress!


ESIMs are presently to be had from Ubigi, a worldwide eSIM provider, overlaying more than two hundred locations. In spite of being a brand new participant within the Japanese eSIM marketplace, they have aimed to satisfy the general public of necessities.

There’s something for every traveler, starting from price range-friendly one-day 500MB contracts for $390 to sturdy monthly plans with 50GB of information for $nine, seven hundred. Ubigi collaborates with Docomo, like most people of the opposite companies in this listing, to provide reliable coverage throughout Japan.


Airalo may not play video games with you in case you’re seeking out velocity. Airalo eSIMs provide strong facts even when visiting SoftBank, one in of Japan’s essential providers. They offer 7, 15, and 30-day bundles for his or her Moshi Moshi eSIM line of eSIMs.

The bare minimum package deal, which costs $668* for just 1GB of records, is the 7-day one. The 15-day plan gives 2GB, and the 30-day plans consist of higher record limits of 3, five, 10, and 20GB. For the ones of you who use numerous information, the price of the 20GB bundle is $three, 858 *.


Eventually, in case you’re considering touring to Japan, reflect on your consideration of buying an eSIM so that you can live without paying exorbitant roaming fees. You may take advantage of all that Japan has to offer without being involved in dropping your net connection thanks to the ability and simplicity of an eSIM.


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