What to Match with Boxy Fit Blank Tshirts


T-shirts with a boxy fit are the ideal blend of formal and informal. They are quite simple to style and are appropriate for both business and evening wear. But how do you know what to wear with a boxy t shirt not forgetting its top feature, the boxy fit?

Here are some pointers:

Pair them with some chinos

Chinos are the best option if you’re seeking for a simple approach to match your boxy shape t-shirts. Chinos are fantastic since they keep things simple while adding a pleasant contrast to any ensemble. Additionally, they are quite adaptable and may be worn in both the summer and the winter (although they might not be suitable for cold weather).

Pair it with a blazer

Adding a blazer to a boxy shape t-shirt can make it seem its finest. This will make you stand out from the crowd and give your appearance an edge vibe. A blazer can be worn over the shoulders or fully buttoned down. Wear it underneath a jacket for an edgy vibe or for a classic appearance with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Go for a classic look with a pair of jeans and sneakers

This design is ideal for you if you want to opt for a laid-back vibe. All you need are some jeans and sneakers, ideally ones with some character! It will be easier to balance out the bagginess of the pants with a boxy shirt while maintaining a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Wear it underneath a jacket for an edgy vibe

Try layering a boxy shape top under an oversized menswear jacket or blazer for a more on-trend appearance that will make you look more edgy. This outfit is suitable for going out partying or seeing friends at the pub because it exudes an urban vibe without being overly informal or official.

Match it up with a pair of slouchy joggers and trainers

Don’t forget to mix your boxy fit t-shirt with a pair of joggers and sneakers for a casually stylish combination if you’re going for the laid-back style. The t-shirt can be worn plain and loose over a crew neck sweater or layered over another t-shirt. The joggers can be worn with either boots or sneakers.

Pants or a Pair of Shorts

It is possible to locate skirts, shorts, and pants that will flatter the boxy body without being overly constricting at the hips or waist. If you want something more comfortable than jeans but still fashionable enough for informal use around town, pick looser-fitting pants like sweatpants or leggings. Boxy-shaped women should stay away from tight jeans since they will give the impression that their hips are larger than they actually are.


For a good reason, Wes Gordon’s boxy-fit t-shirts have drawn a lot of attention for their attractive designs, but it can be challenging to select the appropriate shirt to pair with the correct outfit. These are the accessories you need in your closet to give the boxy-fit t-shirt a little more elegance in cooler weather, from outerwear inspired by menswear classics like the trench and double-breasted suit coats to layering pieces like leather and denim vests that add a hint of swagger to any ensemble.


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