How To Clean You’re Wig Without Wasting Time?


If you ever use the latest products available in the market you would always agree that you need to keep them with great care. Extreme hygiene, regular care, better check, and balance is always needed even for machinery and other products. If you are related to the fashion industry you would agree that makeup needs the most care in the life of a person.

Even if we talk about lipstick, eye shadow, lash, or even invisible lace wig. A user is needed to remain very concerned about their manufacturing and expiry date along with cleaning them from time to time. If you want to know the procedure through which you can protect your hd lace wigs and other fashion products that are directly in contact with your body then we have a guideline for you.

Cleaning HD Lace Wigs

As we all know eyelashes and hd lace wigs are the ones that are directly in touch with the human body and hence have the maximum chances of contamination. To protect such products a person needs to wash them after every use. You are not encouraged to wash your HD lace wigs with regular shampoo as it can be very harsh.

No matter what you have used to wash your wig you need to dry it very carefully. It is better to comb hair very gently after washing it so that the hair may not plug out quickly. You can detangle the hair first with your fingers and then use a comb for it. It is always encouraged to never use your wig without drying it after washing.


We have discussed two procedures through which you can easily wash your HD lace wigs. You can have a wig conditioner or a detergent as a cleaning agent. The procedures are written below:

● Cleaning With Wig Conditioner

If you have a wig conditioner then it is the best way of washing your wig. One tablespoon of conditioner would be enough for a single wig. Run thoroughly your fingers into your wig after leaving it in water for a few minutes. You need to gently rinse it with clean water and then towel dry it with a light squeezing.

● Cleaning With Detergent

Laundry conditioners are considered quite soft for the wigs and do not cause them to get harsh effects. You just need to fill a bowl or sink with clean water and then add one spoonful of laundry detergent to it. Mix it and then soak your HD lace wig in it. You can also massage your fingers to remove extra dirt.

Ending Remarks

If you want to enhance the life of your fashion products including wigs then it is better to keep them clean and use them carefully. As wigs are directly in touch with the body hence you need to keep them clean by washing them from time to time so that you may not face germs. We have explained a detailed procedure for you in the above guideline to learn how to wash your wigs, an easy guideline.


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