Everything You Need to Know About ATVs


With a lot of buzz going on about the 250cc atv, it is very typical for you to want to know the real deal. ATV is the short form for all-terrain vehicles, and it is a type usually used for power sports. Many usually confuse ATVs with UTVs, which stands for utility terrain vehicles. These types of vehicles look like each other, especially when you are far away. When you get close, you may not notice the difference between the ATVs and the UTVs. Most of the time, the manufacturers of ATVs are also the same ones producing the UTVs. Therefore, there are a lot of similarities between both devices.

With a lot of research and tracing done as to the origin of ATVs, there are many historical backgrounds about ATVs. However, with many different storylines about these vehicles, one fact that remains uniform amongst all theories is that motorcycles had existed for almost a century before ATVs were ever created. Driving a bike in some areas is an impossibility because of the terrain, weather, and other factors. This hindered motorcycle manufacturers from making sales at these terrains. To make more sales, these manufacturers created ATVs – a vehicle that looked like a motorcycle but had more utilities. While they have existed for many years, Atvs are still not very common. Therefore, not many know about these vehicles. In this guide, we’ll go over all there is to know about ATVs, from their history to their benefits. Let’s go!

History of Atvs

Honda, one of the most prominent and common vehicle manufacturers, first took full pride as the first brand to manufacture an ATV. They created an ATV that had three wheels in 1967. While many recognized, information and research proved to debunk Hondas claim. Through thorough analysis, experts discovered an ATV prototype nicknamed the Jiger. This prototype was created in Canada about six to seven years before Honda’s prototype. After a lot of back and forth, more research also proved the prototype not to be an ATV, but an AATV, meaning an amphibious all-terrain vehicle. This means that the prototype could work on water and land, thanks to the six wheels created.

Regardless of who created it first, the Honda Atv with three wheels got incredibly popular, and they kept experimenting until they got a safe design of the ATV, which had four wheels.

Pros of Atvs

Since its inception and popularity, brands from beyond borders have invested in Atvs. This has to lead to healthy competition amongst brands. This competition was favourable to all consumers of Atvs. Some of the advantages of buying an ATV include;

  • You have many brand options to choose from.
  • It’s a great option if you love to drive solo.
  • Excellent for recreational activities
  • Atvs generally have an affordable cost because of competition.

Cons of Atvs

While there are many advantages, Atvs have some disadvantages. Some of which include;

  • Not safe for amateurs
  • Less features than the UTVs


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