The Different Types Of Laptop Batteries You Can Purchase


Laptops are devices smaller than original desktop computers. This means they are portable, and you can easily transport them from one place to another. They contain batteries that power them for a couple of hours before they drain out. Once the isolated charge is finished, you must connect the laptop to a power outlet for recharging. Different batteries have varying effects on laptops. They come in various sizes and power levels. This article displays the types of laptop batteries (batería de portátil de la Portatilbateria) you can purchase.

Laptop battery types you can find

Laptop battery shopping can somehow be confusing, especially for novices. They vary from new to old or removable to non-removable. New batteries are the best replacement for your laptop as they come with a warranty and have no damages. However, they are more costly than the old or refurbished but still have more benefits. Refurbished batteries may not be model-specific and may break down soon after buying. Purchasing them is a huge undertaking, but some people rely on them for their low price.

Some laptop models come with removable batteries. These are easier to switch out and replace in case of damage. Those with non-removable batteries are a bit of a challenge. It’s advisable not to force the battery out to avoid explosion cases. Take the laptop back to the seller or see an expert for new battery fixing. Other than these major categories, there are three sub-types of laptop batteries. They are Lithium-ion, Nickel-metal hydride, and Nickel Cadmium.

a. Lithium-ion laptop batteries

This kind is found in most laptop models. It comes in different sizes, but you can also customize it to fit your laptop. It’s one of the most efficient batteries with a very high charging rate and low discharge rate. This means it loses very low power when both in use and when off. Since it’s energy-efficient, it’s ideal for travelers or when you can access a power outlet. More advantages include being light in weight and environmentally friendly. A big disadvantage is that it is highly flammable.

b. Nickel metal hydride laptop batteries

These batteries are not that common in laptops. But, few of them still have them to date. NiMH batteries are mostly used in satellite applications nowadays. Any computer with this battery type shouldn’t be fully drained. Instead, recharge when still half full and wait till it’s complete. The battery takes really long to full charge, and its discharge rate is high. However, it’s ideal for use in all weather conditions, unlike the rest.

c. Nickel-cadmium laptop batteries

It comes in second after Lithium’s popularity. Nevertheless, it has more life cycles going beyond 1000. It’s used mainly in video cameras and medical equipment. It should be fully drained before recharging, but it quickly loses power.

Final words

There comes the point in the laptop usage process where a new battery may be necessary. Strive to get a new battery that’s similar to your laptop’s model. Ensure to pick the correct battery type based on factors like usage and location. Also, buy one that fits the battery compartment and the power capacity is suitable.


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